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I can’t always read books about superheroes or superspies, and that’s okay. Meg Cabot is one that I go to expecting some funny character concepts that find a delicate balance between realistic and larger than life.

In Airhead, Meg Cabot continues to deliver great voice and crazy situations that make her other books a success. These characters are fun to hang out with. Be forewarned that it is book one in a new series. (I’m guessing since Princess Diaries is winding down with book 10.) Prepare yourself for an awkward ending that cuts off, like how you’re frustrated that Found’s sequel doesn’t come out until Spring ’09.

What’s especially fun is that there are some elements of science fiction to the story. (Like the Mediator series getting into horror or how Avalon High had some fun with fantasy.) Expect some body-switching in a non-cliche way.


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