Lies by Michael Grant

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Lies is the third book in the Gone series. (Check out my thoughts on Gone and Hunger to catch you up to speed.)

The whole series has so many characters already (sometimes I get confused who is Brittney and who is Brianna), but usually Sam is the main focus. In this one, he pulls a Superman and retreats in angst and leaves everyone else to pick up the pieces. We finally start to see Astrid and Albert step up as leaders. The council takes action, but who gives those kids the authority? Great stuff that earns the series the comparison to Lord of the Flies.

The only thing that drives me nuts is the grammar. Usually I’m not too big of a language snob, but some of the sentences run on into ambiguity. I’m still trying to figure out if he does this to match the style of the character or if they’re legitimate errors. Not a big deal, but it’s noticeable.

The action is still there and doesn’t become tired. Grant finds new ways for the kids of Perdido beach to use their powers. A theme that we’ve seen in other novels is humans vs. mutants, freaks vs. normals. It’s done well in Lies and is a logical progression of the chaos.

Like always, the countdown is appreciated and adds to the tension. Lies is definitely a continuation of a series and doesn’t resolve too much, but it’s still an enjoyable read.


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