A Common Core search app for both Android and iOS

March 19th, 2012 by Brian Leave a reply »

Over Spring Break the Common Core standards came up in conversation (I do, on occasion, hang out with educators) and the people I chatted with wanted links to both the iTunes and Android App Store versions of MasteryConnect’s Common Core App. Where the app excels is in presenting the Common Core standards in an easy-to-read format at a moment’s notice.

The link to the iOS (for iPhones and iPads) is here and the link for Android users is here. If you can find a Windows Phone version, please leave a link in the comments. Also leave a comment if you have a better app. The other ones that I have found are missing one half or the other, making MasteryConnect’s the best option.

Here’s a QR code for the Android version:
QR for Android app

Here’s a QR code for the iOS version:

Here’s a QR code for this post:

Feel free to use the images or anything else from this post in a handout for teachers and your educational community.


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