Explore the site to find out what it’s like to be an 8th grade Language Arts teacher-turned libraryman.

I taught Language Arts for five years before becoming a libraryman. I’ve also taught Honors Freshman English, Sophomore World Lit, and Junior U.S. Lit.

[sound of own horn tooting] I have an M. Ed. in Educational Technology and Curriculum. In 2007 and 2008 I was a speaker at AZLA. I was the 2005-06 district junior high teacher of the year. My toddler daughter tried to eat the apple statue.

Right now I’m also enjoying being on the committee to select the nominees for the Grand Canyon Reader Award.


  1. Frank Ponzo says:

    Tallest librarian in the world?!? Has this been verified??

  2. hi brian! thanks to the wonders of google alerts, i found out through your website that charlie joe was nominated for the grand canyon reader award! very excited… and it also reminds me that i’d love to come out to arizona and visit some schools! if you are interested, and know of others who might be as well, please let me know! thanks again! best, tommy g

  3. Jerry Votta says:

    We would like to use the Chess Club Logo on your site with our school colors. It that OK?

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