These games were created by my Future Professionals club from the junior high where I work.

Super Teacher Space-O-Rama by W.C., M.H., and P.R.

Submarine Game by R. H.

Shopping Cart Game by S. W.

Quiz by W. S.

Asteroids by W. S.


  1. Scotty Watty says:

    I’m so glad that Mr. Griggs introduced me to Flash, its really awsome, and lots of fun! Thanks Mr. Griggs! LONG LIVE FLASH!

  2. Will says:

    Im really glad I was introduced to flash. Thanks for all the starting help Scott, Mr. Smith, and mostly, Mr. Griggs, for giving me an inspirational starting push, where I then obviously went to greater reaches and was able to create all of these flash games. Thank you.

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