AZLA 2007 – Set your library on fire!

November 17th, 2007 by Brian Leave a reply »

Once again, thank you for the kind words and evaluations. Here’s the handout.

Pam Standhart officially rocks as a co-presenter, in case anyone is wondering.

I recorded the presentation on a little digital Sony ICD-P110. Yes, this goes against my own Ed. Tech. degree (I apologize in advance to Dr. Tu and Dr. Zhan) , but it was my debut using the device (frankly, I did it for both my wife and my mom…I knew that they would want to know the presentation was more than, “Fine.”).

It’s also my first time with this podcast player. Let’s see if it works.

Click the name for the MP3 file or on the play button for the Flash player (I split the Flash player into 4 parts).

AZLA 2007 Library on Fire Podcast


I am convinced that no one sounds good on a dictaphone.


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