Amulet and the Invention of Hugo Cabret

February 16th, 2008 by Brian Leave a reply »

Amulet by Kazu Kibuishi is going to be huge, just so you know.

I got the book while at Phoenix Book Company’s reception for the illustrious Ally Carter. (You need to have her visit your library. She is very cool to hang out with.)   

The artwork for Amulet is breath-taking and definitely fits the great setting. We sometimes struggle finding appropriate graphic novels. This matches imaginative storytelling with suspenseful pacing. (Many times you want the children in the book to look over their shoulder. And I finished the book with many questions – eagerly awaiting book 2.) 

And Hugo Cabret? 284 full-page illustrations can’t be wrong.

It’s told through the lens of a camera, so there are some fun meta-writing moments when the camera pans from the moon to the city or we switch to a close-up of a denizen’s eye. Get both of these books! (And Love You, Kill You and Cross my Heart if you have fallen asleep on your duties and have not done so already.)   


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