Hunger by Michael Grant

February 26th, 2009 by Brian Leave a reply »

I just finished book two of the Gone series today. Hunger continues life in The Fayz where everyone 15 and older jumps out. To where, we don’t know, and we still don’t know by the end of this book.


We do get to see what The Darkness is, we do get to see Drake take on Caine, and we get introduced to even more characters. The story plays out like a TV show, with little segments introducing new characters. Sometimes these characters are developed, and sometimes a new grave has to be dug in town square.

What’s great about the series is that, like I mentioned at AzLA, it’s Lord of the Flies with superpowers. Tough issues like addictions and eating disorders are amplified when adults are gone and the world is mutating. What I appreciate, though, is that Michael Grant maintains a decent balance between edgy and respectful with serious issues that teens face.

Expect this one in late May/early June. Definitely add it to your collection. It’s good to see a series improve with each book. I read 300+ pages, immersed in the book, this weekend while my wife was out of town. Never before have I eaten so much food, like my food supply would be in shortage.

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  1. Samantha says:

    i’m excited for this book. just wondering how you already read it when it doesn’t come out until late may/early june?

  2. Brian says:

    Publishers will send out what’s called an ARC, advanced reading copy. It has typos in it. (The one for James Patterson’s Saving the World even had chapter 12’s heading in one of the paragraphs instead of at the start of the page.)

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