Recommended Corrections

October 17th, 2009 by Brian Leave a reply »

I was doing a search for a project I’m working on and Wikipedia, like many times, came up as the number one search result. I scanned through to see what it said, and found something I hadn’t seen in a while:
I forgot that how-to information was not supposed to be in Wikipedia, even though it slides by all the time. At least this editor caught it, but did you see when they made the recommendation? May 2009. Previous to that, someone caught that the article was a jumble of contradictions caused by people with very different opinions trying to edit the same section of the article. That was caught in March of 2009. Both of these notes asked for a re-write, but no one has taken the time to actually correct the errors.
Once again, make sure to not use Wikipedia as your only source of information.


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