Three things to look at today about chess

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  1. How to get a stalemate
  2. How to castle
  3. Endgame strategy

In addition:
With stalemate, we can talk about the 50 move rule and the three-fold repetition to go for a draw.

50 moves:
If in 50 consecutive moves you have not been able to capture a piece, you can call a draw. (Another reason why notation is important)

Three-fold repetition:
If the same position occurs 3 times (not necessarily on consecutive moves) with the same player to move, either player may point this out and claim a draw. If neither player claims the draw, play continues (either player may still lose on time).

You can also call a draw when you don’t have enough material for checkmate:

  1. King against king
  2. King and bishop against king
  3. King and knight against king
  4. King and bishop against king and bishop when the bishops are on the same color squares.

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