HopeKids – How You Can Help – Part 1: Get the word out

July 4th, 2011 by Brian Leave a reply »

This week I’m hanging out with a HopeKids family and I’m always excited to hear about the great things that they are doing for the kids in the community. Check out their site to read some of the stories of kids helped out by having something to look forward to each week while they undergo treatment for some very serious diseases.

I’ve decided to start a new site category called “How You Can Help“. There are many organizations out there serving others. One of the toughest challenges for charities is obscurity, people not knowing that the charity is there to help. Periodically I’ll highlight a charity to get the news out for opportunities to help others.

So this week I’ll be posting some ideas of how you can help HopeKids out. They have chapters in Arizona, Minnesota, Texas, and Utah. Today’s way to help is easy:

Get the word out.

You can ‘Like’ or retweet this article to point other people towards the information or go straight to the source at http://hopekids.org .


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