Google vs. Bing vs. my review of The Unwanteds

September 8th, 2011 by Brian Leave a reply »

I’m always intrigued by how information is sorted. You might say I make a living out of it.

So when I did a Google search for ‘unwanteds’ today (the results will probably change in the future), I was excited to see that I am the fourth result. I beat out the publisher’s site, the L.A. Times, and even the author’s own site.

Always wanting to learn more, I did a Bing search. I’m not even in the top ten. I shouldn’t feel bad. The author’s page is not even on the first page of results. The publisher barely made it as the last entry on the first page.

So what’s the magic algorithm Google uses compared to Bing’s? Since those are considered trade secrets, we’ll just have to experiment and look at the results.


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