Quick Tip: FAT32 vs. NTFS

October 14th, 2011 by Brian Leave a reply »

I know many librarians also delve into video productions, so I offer this quick tip. If you run into an error code 0, stopping a file transfer operation, it’s more than likely because the hard drive you are copying to has a file size limit.

I have a 320GB hard drive and I tried transferring 170GB worth of video footage to it today. Some of the video clips were huge. I knew I had enough room on the drive, but some of the individual files were past the drive’s file size limit. Thankfully I was able to format the target hard drive from FAT32, which has a file size limit of a couple of gigabytes, to NTFS, which could handle the larger files.

Here’s a precaution, though. Before you format any hard drive, realize that the contents of that drive will be wiped.


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