Current publisher opinions of ebooks in libraries

March 8th, 2012 by Brian Leave a reply »

I’m working with other librarians in the district to find the best way to work ebooks into our district catalogs. It’s interesting that some publishers don’t want libraries to circulate ebooks at all, some want circulations but set a limit, and some have no limit. Check out the opinions here.

The big debate revolves around the fact that ebooks don’t wear down like a physical copy does. My issue is that when I have a physical copy of a book, it’s unlikely that the publisher will come to my doorstep and pull the physical copy out of my hands if any distribution policies change. I’ve already had a digital book removed without my permission on my phone because of distribution changes and it was frustrating because I wasn’t done reading the book. I had to go into the bookseller’s site and download it differently as a PDF and now it’s ugly to try and scroll through on my phone.


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