Marvel’s Augmented Reality App

July 10th, 2012 by Brian Leave a reply »

Marvel has an augmented reality app where you can scan comics and get expanded content. That’s nothing too extreme, although I do like its DVD-like special features quality.

Where you might be interested is the new release of the Spider-Man augmented reality storybook app, where young readers can take pictures of themselves and add on photo elements from the new movie. It’s nothing too groundshaking, but might be the sign of a change in book marketing for the future. The app also narrates the storybook.

Right now it’s just for iOS systems. The regular Marvel digital comics app is for iOS and Android, is free, and has free comics to download to your device. Most comics you have to pay for, but I have only downloaded the free ones and have enjoyed it (just don’t expect to follow a story arc to its completion).


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