The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen

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I’m learning more and more that plotlines and tropes can be re-used/re-mixed but that it’s a quality cast of characters that still makes for an enjoyable read. The False Prince is about a missing/dead prince who is next in line for the throne and the main character who is going to try and take the prince’s place. The whole “Is this the heir?/Is this an impostor?” plotline has been done before – and done well – in stories like Palace of Mirrors. What sets False Prince apart is its main character, Sage.

At first glance, Sage reminds me of Disney’s take on Aladdin – complete with the reader first seeing Sage as he’s caught stealing for a good cause. Sage is his own hero, though, and it’s his dialogue that will endear you to him, or at least help you be a little more sympathetic towards him. The fact that Nielsen based Sage on two of her students made me more interested in the book. It also made me want to read a story about those students, but that’s for another time, I guess.

Much like Icefall, I would classify False Prince as a fantasy, but there’s no magic or mythical creatures or any of that. It’s an interesting world at war and I’ll be interested to see how the series develops – if we’ll see more about the other realms or not. I’d be willing to read more.



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