More thoughts on BYOD policies

February 13th, 2013 by Brian Leave a reply »

We’re in our second semester of our Bring Your Own Device initiative and I’ve already seen a positive aspect of having students being able to use their own device for projects instead of relying just on the one or two that the library can provide. One example is with video projects. We’ve been more efficient with our class time because each group has at least one video camera through the use of a cell phone. Students get the footage they need and don’t have dead air time waiting for another group to finish.

And yes, we do understand that having a video camera in the hands of each group can also have some negative aspects, too. That’s why we’re teaching digital citizenship, the ethical use of technology. Education Week has a great article that goes into more detail about digital citizenship. I would be curious to hear people’s thoughts about the color-coding system used by George C. Marshall High School.


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