Thomas Friedman on Teaching Innovation

April 2nd, 2013 by Brian Leave a reply »

Thomas Friedman, journalist and author of a number of social change books, is advocating for more innovation instruction in the K-12 and college school system in the United States. He makes an interesting point when he says that most information can be found online now on a handheld device, so we can’t just be about knowledge acquisition. (The librarian side of me interjects that we need to teach students how to decipher which sources to trust on those handheld devices.)

I agree and add to the discussion that in many disciplines there are great discoveries happening daily through easier collaboration with colleagues around the world. I mean, we’re trying to bring back sabertooth tigers, after all. With such advances, we need to teach the foundation information but must also train students on how to think critically. I know that we’ve been saying it as a school for a long time now, but I think that with some of the team efforts that we’ve seen locally and abroad, we’re getting more and more successful ideas of what that looks like.

You can read Friedman’s article by clicking here.


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