Free rice and a vocabulary boost

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I don’t know if you’ve seen this yet or not, but the World Food Programme has set up a downloadable game called Food Force to educate people about world hunger.

But as a librarian what intrigues me is
Free rice with every right answer
This reminds me of when I was in college and they had a click and donate site set up.

But now I have to know words? (Just kidding.)

As a librarian whose 30 computers were all in use this morning with games and homework, I think it would be fun to see the students on this.

Why it’s alright:

  1. You don’t give out any personal information that wouldn’t be on any other site (for example, your IP address (which is given to any site you access on the Nets)).
  2. No money on your part is needed, unless you take it all the way back to funding/support that the U.S. government gives to the United Nations. But if that’s your beef (or rice), don’t take it out on a vocabulary game.
  3. It’s actually a pretty elegant site. The design is fluid and doesn’t have annoying pop-ups. Of course, I’m browsing in Safari, so I don’t know if the built-in pop-ups of IE are included.
  4. The food will be distributed by WFP. Here’s a chart of where they buy their rice, and here’s where it goes.
  5. It’s a vocabulary game! What Librarian/Old Language Arts teacher doesn’t like that?

And if the mere act of clicking tires you, the has created an auto-clicker. Leave your browser open and you won’t be troubled with words, words, words. (The huge issue with this, though, is that the site has banner ads. If no one clicks on the banners, the companies don’t want to pay for advertising space.)
My highest score is: 160 grains – affiance means betrothed! D’oh!

I never thought I’d have to use the word sinistral since college.


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