Gone by Michael Grant

January 6th, 2009 by Brian Leave a reply »

You’re in class, bored by the teacher. You look around and the other students are starting to zone out, as well. When you focus back up front, the teacher has disappeared. As you explore the rest of the school, what looks like a joke seems more and more like reality: everyone 15 years-old and older is gone.

Gone by Michael Grant surprised me. It was definitely a quicker read and students are also liking it.

On top of the adults disappearing, everyone is on a countdown until their 15th birthday. One of the creepiest moments is when one twin blinks out and then we know that the other twin only has minutes to live. I was shocked and I loved it.

The other moment that still sticks with me is a teleporting stray cat. And it getting stuck in a reference book.

If you love action, if you love survival, you’ll love Gone. Teachers, it’s like Lord of the Flies, but now with superpowers.


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