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Generation Dead by Daniel Waters

September 24th, 2008

The book cover. That’s the big draw for Generation Dead by Daniel Waters. Even author P. J. Haarsma’s attention was grabbed by the cover when it was on display at my school. Many students saw me reading the book and kept hounding me to finish it.

This is Waters’s first YA book and I’m excited for more. The concept is that teenagers who have died recently are starting to come back. Where it branches from the horror norm is that these “biotically different” (zombie not being politically correct) teens want equal rights.

It’s a great allegory where readers are challenged without knowing it. Sure, we want Tommy (one of the living-impaired kids) to be allowed to try out for the football team, but wasn’t it spring of 2007 when Turner County High finally had a prom where races were integrated? There’s still work to be done in real life that Generation Dead may inspire.

There’s actually some spooky sections mixed in with the humor. The high school is surrounded by a forest and not everyone who goes in comes back out. Also, Pete Martinsburg is now one of the best villains I’ve read this year. He’s the perfect antagonist to Adam. Both are football stars: Adam learning self-control and respect over the summer, Pete harboring hatred and betrayal since his girlfriend wasn’t able to come back from the dead.

It’s a great plotline that moves at a decent pace to keep you engaged over the 400+ pages. (Definitely a connection for your Twilight fans.)


September 24th, 2008

I can’t always read books about superheroes or superspies, and that’s okay. Meg Cabot is one that I go to expecting some funny character concepts that find a delicate balance between realistic and larger than life.

In Airhead, Meg Cabot continues to deliver great voice and crazy situations that make her other books a success. These characters are fun to hang out with. Be forewarned that it is book one in a new series. (I’m guessing since Princess Diaries is winding down with book 10.) Prepare yourself for an awkward ending that cuts off, like how you’re frustrated that Found’s sequel doesn’t come out until Spring ’09.

What’s especially fun is that there are some elements of science fiction to the story. (Like the Mediator series getting into horror or how Avalon High had some fun with fantasy.) Expect some body-switching in a non-cliche way.

“And Another Thing…”

September 17th, 2008

Did you hear about the sixth Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy book? It’s going to be written by Eon Colfer, of Artemis Fowl fame, and is scheduled for release October 2009.

P.J. Haarsma Visit

September 9th, 2008

The author visit by P. J. Haarsma was a lot of fun. He knows astronomy, technology, and how to get young adults interested in what he’s talking about.

Librarians, a warning – you’ll need to order more books. Mine are all checked out and on hold.

Ally Carter Kat Burglar Update

September 8th, 2008

If you liked the Gallagher Girls books, I’m guessing you’ll like her book about Kat the burglar. She just finished the book. (But of course there are all of those edits and revisions and all that still to go.)

Midnight Sun postponed indefinitely

September 3rd, 2008

A rough draft of ‘Midnight Sun’ got published online before Stephenie Meyer gave the okay. She’s too upset and won’t continue writing until she feels better.

She’s put the rough draft up on her website to be fair to her fans. Click here to read the draft.